Our technology makes management more efficient for you. You use your space more productively. While payment and compliance is make simple.

Smart Parking Solution

Smart Parking is a world leader in the design, development and management of parking technology. We’ve been transforming the parking experience and increasing revenues for a huge range of clients for over ten years. Whether your requirements are for on –street or off-street parking we can improve your service. Smart Parking technology enables your customers to find spaces quickly and easily. Less time parking means less stress and happier customers.

RFID Solutions

Real-time Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) for payment, enforcement and management, including parking permits. Permit parking made easier to manage and enforce. Smart Parking’s RFID solutions enable you to manage permit parking easily. Permit holders are happier as more space becomes available through improved enforcement and fact-based planning. A flexible system for changing needs. On-street

  • Park and walk – payments debited automatically.
  • Stops abuse of disabled driver parking bays.
  • Ideal for resident permits.
  • RFID tag is the permit; instant identification of misuse of space.
  • RFID tag pairs a specific class of driver to specific locations.
  • Local businesses get improved footfall as parking capacity is maximised.
  • Drivers less stressed and have more time to do things other than parking.
  • Best possible use of available space.
  • Ideal for staff car parks and leisure facilities.
  • Perfect for customer and member permits at businesses and services.
  • Promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Stops abuse of disabled driver or parent & child parking bays.
  • RFID tag is the permit; instant identification of misuse of space.
  • RFID tag pairs a specific class of driver to specific locations.
  • Space available gets maximum use.

Smart Rep

Powerful yet user-friendly, Smart Rep is the world’s most advanced parking management software for both daily administration and long term planning. Cut costs and increase revenues with accurate, comprehensive, real-time data. Smart Rep software collates and analyses live information on how your parking space is being used. Accurate vehicle-by-vehicle, minute-by-minute data on actual usage of your facilities gives you the leading edge in day-to-day management and future planning. Revenues are maximised through optimum efficiency. On-street or off-street, Smart Rep is the hub of data at the heart of your chosen parking management system. Features

  • Smart Rep data activates simple payment, compliance and space maximisation systems.
  • Compatible with your existing systems.
  • Tailor-made to your requirements.
  • Full after-sales support and maintenance options.
  • Historic information is clear and easy to access.
  • Complete, accurate information collated and analysed as foundation for future planning.
  • Benefits
  • Low cost parking management solutions.
  • Real-time visibility of parking behaviour and compliance.
  • Parking made quicker and easier for customers.
  • More efficient use of parking attendants’ time.
  • Better turnover and increased capacity.
  • Increased revenue and efficiency.
  • Costs reduced.

Managed solutions

Smart Parking designs, develops and produces outstanding leading-edge technology that enables clients to manage on-street and off-street parking efficiently and cost-effectively. Our parking management solutions improve customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Smart Parking technology is simple to install and operate and straightforward and cost effective to maintain. We can combine our technologies to create a parking management solution that’s good for you and good for your customers. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Permit Only, Staff Only, Free Limited Time Parking, Zero Tolerance and after Business Hours are just a few of the set parameters we can cater for.

Pay & Display

  • o ANPR Linked Automated Payment System
  • Low cost, simple to install traditional system
  • No supply/installation/maintenance costs
  • Consumables FOC
  • Secure cash collections FOC
  • Signage designed/supplied/installed/maintained FOC
  • Comprehensive reporting / account management inclusive FOC

Site surveys

  • Real-time information, analysis and trend data for day-to-day management and future planning.

Smart App

Easy-to-use App for both i Phone and Android devices that enables drivers to easily locate vacant parking spaces in real time On-street

  • Traffic congestion decreases.
  • Pollution is reduced.
  • Local businesses get improved footfall as parking capacity is maximised.
  • Streets are safer – drivers not distracted by hunting for spaces.
  • Drivers less stressed and have more time to do things other than parking.
  • Best possible use of available space.
  • Customers are happier as they find spaces quickly and easily.
  • Less time spent parking means more time to use your services.
  • Traffic flow improves, saving time and increasing safety.
  • Integrates with Smart Rep for pay-by-phone, compliance and information to attendants.
  • Space available gets maximum use.

Pay & Walk Stress-free, time-efficient parking for your customers. Simple management and improved revenue for you. Quick, ticketless parking with options for top up payments and easy infringement enforcement.

Pay & Walk

is the future of off-street parking. Right now, Smart Parking is the only company in the world to provide it. It gives customers more control over their time and a completely hassle-free experience. For you it means reduced car park bureaucracy and revenue leakage. Includes

  • Site survey to tailor Pay & Walk to your car parking operation.
  • Installation of Smart Eye sensors and payment machines.
  • Set up of Smart Rep software.
  • Installation of signage.
  • After-sales support and maintenance options.
  • Enforcement.
  • Full back-office support and administration including call centre and debt recovery.
  • Live payment and occupancy data on each and every parking space.
  • Quick and easy for customers – no need to buy a ticket and return to the vehicle.
  • Customer flexibility including option for payment top-up for longer stay at remote pay station or by phone.
  • No barriers restricting access to your car park.
  • No more paper tickets.
  • Improved traffic flow.
  • Prevents visitors passing on tickets with time remaining to other drivers.

Smart Eye

Individual parking space sensors that gather and transmits information for management, payment and compliance monitoring Live, precise information is gathered from each individual car parking space. Smart Eye is Smart Parking’s patented infrared sensor technology that enables you to manage your facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. For daily management and long-term planning. For management on-street or off-street. Features

  • Both infrared and magnetic technology in every Smart Eye sensor.
  • Wireless for ease of installation and minimal costs by eliminating civil works.
  • Powered by long-life batteries for low maintenance.
  • Independently certified for accuracy and compliance.
  • Robust construction to resist both vandalism and accidental damage.
  • No impact on existing IT infrastructure.
  • Integrates with Smart Rep for unsurpassed information and analysis.
  • Live, full information on each and every parking space.
  • Guide drivers to available spaces, improving traffic flow.
  • Instant information on overstays for infringement enforcement.
  • Facilitates simple, ticketless, barrier free payment systems.
  • Comprehensive information enables profitable future planning.
  • Best possible use of available space.